los-guajaresDeep in the heart of The Costa Tropical is the autonomous region of Los Guájares, made up of three, as yet relatively undiscovered villages; Guájar Alto, Guájar Faragüit and Guájar Fondón. These typically rural Spanish villages are situated in a narrow valley, formed by the river Toba, historically known as the River of Blood after the ferocious battles fought on its banks between Moors and Christians beneath Sierra de Los Guájares and Sierra de Río Verde.

Leaving the A-44, a ten minute drive up the winding mountainous road brings you to Guájar Fondón, the first and lowest of the three "pueblos blancos" nestled in this delightful valley. There is an excellent restaurant in the village, offering a range of tapas and meals.

A mere two minutes on and you arrive in Guájar Faragüit, the largest village and home to the region's town hall (ayuntamiento), primary school and municipal services. Guájar Faragüit also has a bar in the main street, a bank and a small supermarket.  

Exiting Guájar Faragüit, a further ten minute drive through some spectacular scenery brings you to Guájar Alto,  sitting proudly at the highest spot on the mountain. Here the views are unrivalled, as is the welcome you are always guaranteed to receive at one of the three bars. Two of the three serve traditional Spanish fare and all offer extremely good value for money.

Three bakers, two fishmongers, numerous fruit and vegetable sellers, along with a variety of other tradesmen, serve the community of all three villages on either a daily or weekly basis. The intermittent tooting of horns announces each one's arrival, bringing both residents and visitors onto the street to purchase their goods and pass the time of day with their neighbours.

Details of the bars in all three villages can be found in the business directory.