West of Salobreña, sheltered by a small hill, the coastal town of Almuñécar is said to have the most attractive beaches, 26 in all. It is home to the only International School located in The Costa Tropical de Granada.

3000 years ago the seafaring Phoenicians discovered a paradise in Almuñécar and settled there; well worth a visit is the Archaeological Museum where Phoenician artefacts can be examined.

Also worth a visit is the impressive former Arab Castle, built upon Roman fortifications on the hill overlooking the town. Whilst under the occupation of the Arabs the town was known as Al-Munakkab or Hins-al-Monacar (Fortified Town or Flanked by Hills) and it is clear to see from where the modern name of Almuñécar is derived.

Just below the castle, in the grounds of Majuelo park, can be seen the remains of the salazones, a Roman fish salting factory. A long flight of steps built into the Peñon (Rock) leads up to the Mirador de la Cruz, offering a superb viewing point across the bay.

Almuñécar is an extremely popular holiday destination on the Costa Tropical, largely due to its wealth of gorgeous beaches and the fact that the water park is situated here. Younger visitors will also enjoy a visit to the Loro Sexi Bird Park, which is home to more than 1500 birds from a wide variety of species, including  swans, parrots, peacocks, tucans and ostriches, plus many more. During the summer months, the park puts on special bird shows which always prove extremely popular. Contact the Almuñécar Tourist Office for more information on opening times and prices.

Summer is also the time when Almuñécar hosts its annual jazz festival.  Held in Majuelo Park, this week-long event is always eagerly anticipated, with tickets being sold out fast. Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events list for details.

Year after year people return to enjoy the sun on this beautiful strip of Mediterranean coastline. For further information on the beaches of Almuñécar please see the article on the beaches of the Costa Tropical.